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Studio C

Studio C

   Studio C in this studio look a like professional home studio with Solid State Logic Sysytem. SIGMA use mic pre superanalogue 2 channels for recording. In this room recommend to record vocal and Voice Over. We work on 24bit 96kHz

Record Price
  •  650 Baht       /   1 hour 
  • Discount 10% for 6 hours session during 11.00-17.00 or 18.00-24.00

***After 12AM there is an additional charge of 100Baht/hour

Console & Controller

  • SOLID STATE LOGIC Sigma δelta

  • SSL UF 8 (4 Device)


  • Prism Sound Titan with Dante MDIO Card Module

Monitor System

  • PMC Result 6

  • Furman F1500 E

  • Furman M10xe

Power Protection

Size in Live room

  • CONTROL ROOM SIZE 4.2 M. X 4.46 M.

  • STUDIO ROOM SIZE 2.3 M. X 4 M.